"Winter is coming so we don’t have any time for doubts. Autumn is the season for changes and improving energy efficiency is the smartest thing we can do. Besides saving the environment, energy-efficient upgrades can cut down utility bills and improve comfort. So from eco-friendly ovens to modern insulation, here are the 4 best ways on improving your home in 2020:


Having smart gadgets like Ecobee, Lyric, and Nest will enable you to have more control over your home’s temperature. Programmed to learn your habits (morning routine, working schedules, the time you arrive home), they adjust your heating and cooling systems to turn on only when you need them to. By cutting unneeded energy spending, smart thermostats will reduce your utility bills while also maintaining a comfortable and warm environment in winter as well as cool in summer.


Eco-friendly washers and Ecobee won’t improve your energy spending as much as quality insulation. When the house is poorly insulated, heated/cool air leaves the indoors much faster, increasing the need for turning on the furnace or HVAC. With putting temperature loss to a minimum and being moisture-resistant, spray foam insulation proves to be the most efficient option out there. So don’t miss out on such an opportunity and contact spray foam insulation contractors in Toronto as soon as you can.


Controlling your home with the help of Wi-fi has been around for quite some time. Interned connected lights, security alarms, doors, and windows are a regular part of every modern household. These appliances bring tons of benefits, including improving comfort, cutting energy spending, and increasing eco-consciousness. From turning on the heating system while staying warm in bed to lights that inform you about electricity spending, Wi-fi gadgets should definitely be on your home improvement list.


When we already mentioned lights, one cannot but ignore LED bulbs. Spending less than regular incandescent lights, LEDs will cut your electrical bill almost in half. Having an average lifespan of 25,000 hours (regular bulbs have 1200) and spending 6 times less than incandescent, LED’s are ideal for eco-friendly homeowners. Additionally, you can’t find a toxic material inside them (like mercury in regular bulbs). They might be a bit more expensive, but they will save you a ton of money in the long run.


Cracks and air leaks, draftiness, damaged drywall, and high energy bills – yes, efficient homes might seem impossible to some. But, with careful planning and investing in upgrades, everything can be accomplished. You just have to educate yourself on recent trends and start to invest in a brighter future.

For example, leaky homes spend twice as much energy as properly insulated ones. The greater the heat loss, the more often you have to turn on the thermostat. Air leakage is commonly found in basements and attics which are filled with cracks. However, by using spray foam for attic insulation in Toronto homes, every crack gets filled, making your home feel twice as warmer. "