Sound Attenuation Batts

Sound Attenuation Batt Installer

Sound attenuating batts are an ideal type of insulation for commercial office buildings and noisy rooms in residential units. Sound attenuating batts will significantly reduce the noise travelled inside and outside the room. Our preferred manufacturer of sound-attenuating batts is Owen’s Corning Pink Insulation. This insulation also has fire-resistant abilities, making it a great use case for fire-rated walls.

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The Main Benefits of Using Sound Attenuating Batts

  • Enhanced Privacy: You can be assured that your conversations in your meeting room will not spill out on the floor, causing awkward moments amongst your staff.
  • Improved Focus and Productivity: Using sound-attenuating batts is your best bet if you also need a super silent focus room. You can shut the door in the room and remain focused without hearing any noises or conversations happening outside the room.
  • Peaceful Living: Most mechanical rooms in a house are very noisy and can disturb everyone when any mechanical equipment is turned on. You can remove noise from the hot water tank, furnace and other loud equipment using sound-attenuating batts.

Toronto Tapers: Leading the Way in Soundproofing

With several years of experience and having completed various commercial projects, our company has installed several hundred thousand square footage of sound attenuation batts. We have successfully built various professional offices and meeting rooms with complete acoustics attenuation.

In addition, sound attenuation batts also have fire-resistant capabilities to reduce sound waves from travelling throughout the spaces. Not only will you be able to reduce noise throughout your commercial or residential space, but you will also provide the rooms with fire protection. This added level of safety makes this type of insulation superior to any other as it extends beyond sound removal.

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

The benefit of using our team is our ability to carry from one scope to the other, allowing our owners to build their office or home at the most efficient levels.By conducting the framing, we can be assured that the studs are all installed correctly with the appropriate spacing for the insulation.We can then schedule the installers to complete the insulation as we finish the steel framing.Our foremen are experienced at coordinating the required inspections and trades to complete the work most efficiently.

By opting for Toronto Tapers, you can experience enhanced safety, reduced utility bills, increased comfort, and a quieter indoor environment. Contact Us to discuss your sound attenuation batts insulation needs and let our experts transform your space into a well - insulated and peaceful haven.