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Metal Stud Framing

Metal Stud Framing

Toronto Tapers’ team of skilled professionals offers metals stud framing services in Toronto and the GTA. We are a fully licensed and insured framing company with years of experience framing new home builds, commercial projects, and industrial projects. Our goal is to provide fast results for our clients while ensuring a high level of workmanship.

We have built relationships with repeated customers such as builders, general contractors, architects and homeowners, due to our unwavering commitment to premium framing practises. We are experienced in all types of metal stud framing projects ranging from residential builds to large commercial projects.

Toronto Tapers offers structural framing, heavy gauge framing and light gauge steel stud framing services. We guarantee perfectly straight walls every time.

Unlike wood studs, you don't have to worry about warping or twisting within steel studs. The steel studs and tracks come in various lengths for different requirements. Unsure what size length you need to cut metal studs to? Let us help, call us today for your free, no obligation quote.

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Residential and Commercial Metal Stud Framing

Toronto and the GTA. Metal studs are the talk of the decade. They offer an advantage over traditional lumber: metal studs are lightweight, strong, accurate, more durable, dimensionally stable, and cost-effective.

Metal stud framing has a growing number of home builders using it because of its superior quality and great value. For lightweight steel stud framing, the studs are first fitted into an anchored horizontal track. They are then spaced out evenly and fastened securely. Lightweight steel studs are ideal for framing both interior and exterior walls.

In residential construction, the typical profiles we use are the C-shape stud and the U-shaped track. In commercial steel framing, wide sheets of corrugated steel sheets can be used to cover the top of a steel frame known as a “form”. This sits below a thick layer of concrete and steel reinforcing bars.

Steel stud framing has become the standard for most commercial construction for its numerous advantages over wood including possessing accuracy, anti rotting characteristics and structural strength. With its durability, unfailing accuracy, and quick assembly, trust Toronto’s professional framers for your next commercial renovations.

Why Choose Us?

Even though steel has a number of advantages over wood when it comes to framing, the application process is a critical component for a successful steel stud framing job. This solely depends on a combination of the quality of materials and level of experience by the contractors. It is crucial to look for an experienced professional that specializes in steel stud framing when hiring for your project. Framing sets the path for various other trades to complete their work, including drywall, taping, painting and flooring just to name a few.

Whether you are finishing your basement, remodelling your home or have a commercial renovation, we will ensure a smooth and easy construction process. We attend to our customer's needs in a timely manner and provide the best possible craftsmanship. With our efficient system and installers, we are able to stand behind our work with our one-year standard warranty. If there are any cracks or touch-ups required, we will come back and repair them at no extra cost.

We offer free estimates on all your steel framing needs, trust Toronto’s metal stud framing professionals. Contact us today for your free quote!

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