Attic Insulation Toronto

Attic Insulation Toronto

Toronto Tapers provides quality attic insulation in Toronto and the GTA. With our team of experienced insulators, we will improve the efficiency and comfort of your home in no time. A properly insulated attic will greatly reduce your monthly utility costs and should only be installed by experienced technicians.

Toronto’s harsh winters and steamy summers have surely caused some discomfort in your household. Attic insulation functions as a blanket and regulates the flow of heat throughout the structure of your home. This allows your home to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Attic insulation is one of the most important, but often under-appreciated aspects of building a home. Without proper protection between your home and the outside environment, you are sure to experience air leaks and increased energy bills.

When deciding to insulate your attic in Toronto, the product you choose can make a difference in heating and cooling costs. You can choose to use blown in cellulose insulation or blown in fibreglass insulation. Consult the insulation professionals at Toronto tapers for any specific questions you may have for your project.

Insulation technology is rapidly developing relative to other construction materials. As we make advances in material technologies, we are always improving insulation and its chemical make-up.

At Toronto Tapers, we only install the highest-quality insulation products. We are up to date with the latest in the industry and are experts in insulation installation. Reduce energy costs today and contact us for insulation removal or installation.

Signs That You Need New Insulation

If you are unsure about what type of insulation to use in your home or whether the insulation you currently have is adequate, contact an insulation professional - we can determine whether your insulation is sufficient based on its age, condition and existing R-value.

There are some signs that you may need new insulation. It is best to act quickly to prevent problems from escalating. Here are some signs:

  • Your home is old: Older homes tend to have insufficient insulation due to outdated construction methods. Some older types of insulation can even contain dangerous substances like asbestos. If you have not upgraded your insulation for over 20+ years, you likely do not have adequate insulation.
  • Water and mould damage: Water inside of a home is never a good thing. It can cause damages to the insulation and can cause mould to grow. If you have had a leaking roof or any sort of flooding, your insulation is likely damaged by water
  • Pests: One of the biggest issues to attic insulation is pests. They leave behind feces and other bodily fluids on your insulation for years. Sometimes, when pests die in your attic, they can leave a long-lasting stench. If you have had pest issues in your home, your insulation may need to be upgraded.
  • High utility bills: If your heating and cooling costs are above average you could have an air leak in your home. This can mean that your insulation is not properly installed and needs to be replaced
  • Drafts: Like high utility bills, this point is related to the last topic. If air is escaping and entering your home freely, this results in hot and cold spots of the home. Reinsulating these rooms often eliminates these problems.

Types of Attic Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a cost-effective alternative to spray foam and batts insulation. Although its R-value may not be as other insulation products, it is still an effective residential and commercial solution. The installation of blown in insulation is quick but sometimes tedious work.

The most efficient product on the market, spray foam insulation is optimal for attics. Like blown in insulation, it is quick and easy to install. The biggest difference is that spray foam quickly expands, meaning it can insulate those hard-to-reach areas and irregular surfaces. Spray foam insulation does have a long payback period. If you invest in spray foam insulation early, you will see results in the long run.

Older methods like Mineral and batts insulations are an effective environmentally conscientious insulation option. The still rolled form of these insulations makes transportation and installation an easy and efficient process. Choosing the right insulation contractor does not have to be difficult. Contact us today for your next attic insulation in Toronto and receive a free quote!

Why Choose Toronto Tapers?

Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable, technologically advanced, and practical solutions. We want to increase your energy efficiency, improve your comfort, and always keep you protected.

Working with us means having access to the best products and insulation services in Toronto and the GTA. Our craftsmen are highly experienced, skilled, and dedicated to every job. We guarantee high quality, optimal results, support during and after the insulation, and thorough cleaning after finishing the project.


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