Installation Drywall



The levels of drywall finishing were first determined by a consensus between 5 important associations. Their role is to ease up the drywall installation process. With the levels’ detailed descriptions, drywall companies in Toronto immediately know the requirements for certain projects. Based on their characteristics, customers can easily pick one level and we will start doing the project.

Types Of Fire Rated Drywall And The Places They Are Commonly Used

In theory, all drywall is fire-resistant. However, in some cases like with regular whiteboards, the drywall can start to crumble and allow the fire to spread quicker. Specially manufactured fire-resistant drywall won’t allow such situations so easily. Its fire resistance lasts much longer, enabling you to safely exit the property before complications start. Contact your drywall contractors in Toronto to decide on the perfect drywall for your home. In the meantime, here is what you should know about fire-rated drywall:

How to Mount a TV on Metal Studs

More and more people are having installed in the walls of their homes. So, it's natural to wonder if you can mount a TV on them. The answer is yes! You just need to use the right kind of mount and fasteners.