Metal stud framing is the construction of a structure's framework using materials created out of steel as opposed to wood.

There are two types of metal stud framing. The heavy gauge and light gauge steel framing.

Heavy gauge metal studs are used to frame taller structures that require a high level of strength and dimensional tolerance. Typically, wood-framed construction is limited to three stories.

Light gauge metal framing is typically used for interior framing on non-load bearing walls. The materials for this come in various shapes, thicknesses, sizes, and finishes.

The materials for Metal stud framing typically come in 5 varieties. These can be summed up using the acronym STUFL.

This stands for Stud, Track, U channel, Furring, and L-header. A stud is used for wall studs, joists, and rafters. Tracks are the plates at the top and bottom of a steel wall or the rim of floors and rafters. U-channels are typically used for blocking, bridging, and can be used for cabinet backing. A Furring channel can be used for purlins, bridging, backing, and sound separation. L-headers are brake-metal shaped pieces that are capable of being doubled so they can be used as headers.

Each of these components has a specific function in the framing process. Selecting the correct size and thickness is dependent on the assembly of the framing materials and the dimensions of the wall.


Light gauge metal framing has many advantages. These can be its durability, strength, and stability for wall partitions.

Metal studs also require less storage space because they interlock. They also typically come with pre-drilled holes for plumbing and electrical applications, saving workers both time and energy.

Another advantage of metal stud framing is that the worker no longer has to be concerned with drywall nail pops. This is due to the fact that screws are used for metal stud installation. This prevents slips and allows for a stronger hold than that of a nail.

Metal stud framing contractors typically prefer metal studs as they are much easier to handle because the lightweight steel studs weigh about 33% less than wooden framing studs.

Builders, homeowners, and consumers also recognize steel studs as a superior material. This is because it is also resistant to corrosion and fire, resistant to pests, mold is a nonfactor, and it is typically made with 25% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Unlike wood, Metal studs are produced with consistent quality. What this means is that waste materials are significantly reduced. Statistics show that only 2% of steel material is wasted compared to 20% of wood material is wasted! This results in money being saved not only on material but also on the disposal and clean up of waste material!

Metal studs result in low amounts of waste at the job site since studs are delivered pre-cut. Any resulting scrap can be recycled. There is also less wasted material on-site because the studs are precut to the dimensions needed for the project. On top of that, any extra/scrap material can just be recycled!

This reduces long term maintenance costs because you do not need to be concerned with repairing the damage caused by corrosion, rot/mold, and infestation.

This means that steel stud framing is not only the best choice in terms of its structural qualities, it is the economic choice and the greener option!


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