In The Loop - April Projects 2022

In The Loop - April Projects 2022



Since the beginning of this month, our team has been working on a variety of different projects. Our top priority is always to provide quality work that meets and exceeds our clients' expectations. Here is a quick overview of everything we have been working on.

Etobicoke Project This month, our team continued to work on a major renovation for an existing warehouse. We focused primarily on installing the plywood to create a substrate upon which new ACM panelling can be installed. We also performed other necessary tasks such as drywall installation and mudding/taping the interior demising walls.

Brampton Project Another project that the team is working on this month is a production set fit-out in an old industrial warehouse. We are starting off by steel framing the proposed floorplan, and then we are proceeding to drywall one side of the walls. Next week we aim to install sound attenuating insulation before installing drywall on the other side of the wall. Stay tuned for more progress on this unique project!

Etobicoke Project Picking up where we left off last month, the team has started to perform touch-ups on the work that we completed. Today we are mixing chalk with our mud and performing a thorough walkthrough, making sure all taping imperfections have been addressed. Tomorrow we will return to sand the areas that we touched up, providing a smooth and flawless finish for the painters to start!

Every day is a new opportunity for growth and success; do not let today pass by without making the most of it! Keep an eye out for more updates from us soon.

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