Home Insulation In Mississauga

Home Insulation In Mississauga



"Toronto Tapers are experts in fighting off draftiness and discomfort. Being homeowners ourselves, we know everything there is about product quality and popular types like blown and spray foam insulation in Mississauga. Our philosophy is that customers should have free access to all the necessary information. Everybody deserves to have a properly insulated home.

The Danish are widely recognized for embracing coziness and comfort, making way for a care-free and happy life. Their “hygge” strategy should definitely be practiced on Canadian soil. On cold winter days, cities like Mississauga would surely benefit from more warmth and comfort in their home.

The best way to do this is by keeping cold breezes away from your indoors. A new roof can help a lot, but you won’t get much far without proper insulation. Apart from increasing resale value, home insulation in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA can significantly improve your overall daily routine. Without modern insulation, your house won’t be strong enough to withstand cold winter breezes.


The key factor in choosing the right insulation material is R-value. Commonly heard in the world of renovation, R-value signifies a material’s ability to retain heat. The higher numbers, the less heat loss during winter. However, the entire decision doesn’t only sum up to numbers and values. We are always here to guide you through the process, so here are the 5 basic insulation types you must know about:

Fiberglass Batts – Highly recommended for new homes and buildings, this pinkish insulator is very popular due to its quick installment. But it usually proves inadequate for crawlspace and attic insulation. Cellulose blown-in – Made from recycled paper, an eco-friendly option like cellulose blown-in is extremely fire and pest resistant. Being made from tiny pieces, it is perfect for insulating irregular rooms and corners. Fiberglass blown-in – This material is a mixture of the first two. It’s made from fiberglass but has the same benefits of cellulose blown-in, including filling up irregular corners. However, cellulose is more fire-resistant and durable. Spray foam insulation – A modern, safe, and durable option, this material is the talk of the decade. Applying spray foam insulation in Mississauga homes is a great way to modernize the entire city. Its high density and vapor-resistance will keep you protected on harsh winter days. Foam board – this material is ideal for insulating flooring and exterior walls. It is also known as rigid board insulation and is very similar to Styrofoam, the only difference being it has a higher R-value.


Home insulation in Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA is as effective in summer as it is in winter. Having heat loss in a home can surely damage comfort and energy spending, leaving you with an overrunning furnace and high utility bills. But, temperature losses can also happen in summer. Cold air produced from HVAC leaves the regular home much more quickly when there isn’t quality insulation stopping it from doing so. Luckily, all of the insulation types mentioned above can help you out with improving comfort both in harsh winters and steamy summers.


With using less energy to heat/cool your household, proper insulation has a huge and positive environmental impact. Also, putting the usage of non-renewable energy sources down to a minimum means saving tons of money on energy bills. Apart from these valuable benefits, there are also other advantages you should definitely know about:


Yes, modern and quality insulation can actually create a healthier breathing environment in the home. Old and dusty insulators are ideal for bacteria and mold buildups. On the other hand, boric acid found in blown-in insulation makes mold growth literally impossible. If your insulation is moldy, asthma attacks and allergies can appear in no time.


Another important benefit of quality insulation is better soundproofing. Spray foam is widely known as a sound absorbent, enabling you to live a quiet and peaceful life. No outside noise from loud neighbors and maximum protection of privacy with keeping all the indoor noise kept inside.


Many homes have certain rooms that are always too hot or cold. With improving insulation, this problem will instantly disappear. The reason is probably some hidden, unnoticeable air leak and crack. Spray foam insulation in Mississauga fills out any holes in your building envelope, trapping heated/cool air inside.


Last, but not least is getting rid of humidity and moisture. Vapory homes are never a good sign. Usually, the situation quickly evolves and before you know it, your walls will get filled with cracks and mold. Most insulation materials are vapor and moisture resistant, meaning there is no possible way that your walls could get damp.


Upgrading home insulation should be done before difficult weather conditions start. Usually, air and temperature leakage happen in attics and basements. This means that turning on the furnace won’t be of much significance if you have cracks in your attic insulator.

So, If you cannot insulate your entire home this year, at least make sure you contact experts on attic insulation in Mississauga. Renovating doesn’t only stand for kitchen and patio upgrades. None of those will matter if your house is always damp and cold. So warm up your feet and schedule free consultations. We are always happy to help with home insulation in Toronto and the GTA region. "