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Fireproofing is essential for every commercial building. This is why Toronto Tapers provides fireproofing services for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience with fireproofing in Toronto.

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Benefits of Fireproofing

You never know when a fire might start, as there are so many potential causes and risks that we face daily. Even if the chances are small, once a fire breaks out, it’s essential that it’s handled as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage. You’ll find that fireproofing your building offers you a range of benefits, which can help to minimize the damage and danger caused by the fire.

  • Protects the steel structure - The applicable spray will be used based on the assigned fire rating values provided by the architects. The applied fireproofing insulation will ensure that the structure can maintain its abilities until a certain threshold. This will allow for safe evacuation if a fire breaks out in the building.
  • Protects critical services such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical pipes - The insulation provides an additional layer of protection for all the critical services of the building. This will help the building function as much as possible during a fire to allow for a safer evacuation in case of a fire.

Ontario's Trusted Team of Licensed Fireproofing Experts

Our experience in various drywall and insulation services means that we can offer consistent and high-quality service to all of our clients. We've got you covered whether it’s firewall construction, drywall insulation, spray foam insulation or otherwise. You’ll have difficulty finding services that are backed by this much experience elsewhere, and safety isn’t worth risking.

We also understand that every client has different needs, and our expertise allows us to make informed suggestions on what would be best for your project. So you will receive a quality service, and it will be completely tailored to your building, to meet your needs as cost-efficient as possible.

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

If you’re looking for fireproofing services in Toronto, want to know more about the benefits of fireproofing, or have questions about it in general - don’t be afraid to reach out. You’re just one phone call away from starting your fireproofing installation.

Remember, if your building isn’t already protected, then you’re at a higher risk than necessary, and you could give yourself peace of mind knowing that you have that extra protection ready.