Drywall installation isn’t complete without taping and mudding. Without the proper tape and mud, your drywall is prone to cracking. To prevent any cracks from happening to your walls hire the right drywall company to tape and finish your drywall.

Toronto Tapers provides professional drywall taping services in Toronto and the GTA. We are a fully licensed and insured company with a team of experienced professionals.

We treat every project as if it were our own and always aim to go beyond our customer's expectations. We use only the best material and pay close attention to the details.


Drywall taping is an integral part of finishing a wall system. Not only does it make your wall look good, it ensures a smooth and clean surface for paint to be applied. It also stops smoke and fumes from penetrating your wall and reinforces your drywall joints to prevent cracking.

When drywall taping is not completed properly, it can lead to potential problems while also conveying a lack of workmanship. These problems are almost always paired with the an aesthetically unpleasing finish that becomes difficult to correct. These potential deficiencies can delay other trades and subsequently delay your schedule.


In order to mitigate any of these potential issues, Toronto Tapers includes wall priming as part of every project. This allows us to effectively identify and correct any deficiencies before painting. Our team of experts have a trained eye for detail, which is crucial for a successful drywall finish.

Toronto Tapers always allocates one day for each project to complete a final touch-up. We address any damages that occurred during construction prior to closing every project. It's just one way to ensure our clients review a flawless finish every time.

Toronto Tapers does not only finish drywall boards - we can also finish interior concrete, brick, and block walls. We rely on proven techniques to flawlessly finish your brick and concrete walls. Trust us with your drywall taping, mudding and sanding.

All of our jobs come standard up to a level 4 drywall finish. We provide level 5 finishes for projects that require the best results possible. If your project requires a level 5 finish you can rest assured Toronto Tapers will be able to deliver. We also offer Drywall Installation & Commercial Drywall Services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to fill holes in drywall?

Depending on how big your hole is you may need to add a piece of drywall, or you can apply mud right over it. If you have holes bigger than the size of a toonie, you likely need to add a piece of drywall before applying mud.
The number of coats depends on the level of finish you require. In general, you need 4 coats: base coat, tape, first coat & second coat. If trying to achieve a level 5 finish, you need to coat your entire walls with mud, after your 4th coat.
You can glue drywall to brick using construction glue or mud. Ensure the brick substrate is clean and has no debris on it. Apply the glue or mud to the back of the drywall and apply it on the brick. Only do this if you have a straight and consistent brick wall – you may run into issues otherwise.
Drywall mud is toxic if ingested. Do not consume drywall mud. It is also best to not stay within the vicinity of drying mud.
Depends on the environment. If the temperature is between 15-20 degrees Celsius, and there is sufficient air movement, pre-mixed compound can dry in about a day. If the correct conditions are not met, it could take up to several days.
The different types of mud are: All purpose compound – Usually pre-mixed and ready for all purpose use. Quick setting compound – These are the Sheetrock products (i.e. sheetrock 45, sheetrock 90) the number signifies the drying time in minutes. Machine mud – this compound is specifically designed to be used for mudding machines.
Drywall mudding is the act of applying tape and compound between drywall joints. This is done in multiple layers and is meant to hide all the joints of the drywall while also adding some rigidity to drywall joints.



We are one of the best companies that offer Drywall Installation and Drywall Taping in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We prioritize quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for all of our residential and commercial projects. The online reviews and high ratings speaks volumes about our work ethic and dedication to craft. We pride ourselves in being one of the best in the business.

Apart from working closely with homeowners, we also collaborate with architects, general contractors and builders to provide professional drywall services. We create custom drywall bulkheads, ceiling designs and reveals. We also provide stucco finishes, popcorn ceiling removal, stucco removal and custom ceiling textures.

If you're looking for professional drywall services, trust Toronto Tapers - your reliable drywall contractor that delivers quality service every time. Contact us today for your free estimation.