Drywall Contractors Mississauga

Drywall Contractors Mississauga

Toronto Tapers is a professional drywall contractor providing services across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have over 20 years of combined experience providing drywall services to general contractors, builders, architects and homeowners.

Toronto Tapers is here to answer all your questions related to installing drywall and drywall taping. From the type of drywall you need to the day we clean up, Toronto Tapers is there for you throughout the entire process. We strive for quality workmanship and excellent customer experience.

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Popular Types of Drywall

Drywall is one of the most important innovations in the world of construction. It requires much less time to be installed than lathe and plaster. With older drywalling methods, projects could take weeks to complete. But thanks to drywall, we are able to finish projects in a matter of days.

There are a wide variety of drywall options available both for residential and commercial applications. A common choice for drywall in Mississauga is regular plain drywall, which comes in varying thickness, from 1/4″ to 5/8″. Another very common type is Type X drywall. This is used when you are trying to achieve a specific level of fire resistance.

Reducing Moisture Levels

Homes located in snowy and rainy climates frequently have issues with moisture and mould growth. For customers who want to increase moisture resistance, there is Greenboard – a moisture-resistant drywall option, commonly used for washroom and basement applications.

Backerboard or cement board is a water-resistant composite board used in showers and steam rooms as a base for ceramic tile. It is made of cement and reinforcing composite fibres, and provides an excellent substrate for mortar to adhere to.

Fire Rated Drywall

Increasing fire resistance for your residential or commercial property can be done with Firecode C and Type X drywall.Gypsum Firecode C is similar in composition to Type X, except for more glass fibres and comes in 1/2" thickness. Type X drywall only comes in 5/8" thicknesses. Although Type C is available in 1/2", it is considerably heavier than plain 1/2" drywall. This high density helps Firecode C drywall achieve the same fire resistance as 5/8" Type X.

Toronto tapers provide EcoRock drywall for our environmentally conscious consumers. This drywall is comprised of 20 different recycled materials such as fly ash and slag. It is just one way we are trying to help do our part in helping the environment.

What Makes us the Right Choice?

Our experienced team of drywall installers provide quality workmanship and professional service. We have an eye for detail and provide a one year workmanship warranty with all of our drywall installation services.

As professional drywall contractors in Mississauga, we always stay within the provided timelines without compromising the final product. We walk you throughout the entire process and provide you with schedule updates daily.

We also provide installation services for shaft walls, drop ceilings, waffle ceilings and any other specialty installation jobs. We follow a customer-oriented philosophy, working with you from the design to the installation.

Choosing the right drywall for your project can sometimes be difficult. We can help navigate you through the entire process. Whether it's a basement renovation, bathroom renovation, or an entire home, you can trust our expertise along the way. For your next drywall project in Mississauga, choose the team at Toronto Tapers.