Commercial Contractors

Commercial Contractors

The Toronto Tapers team is one you can trust. We have nearly a decade of experience in the construction industry. With our specialty being drywall, insulation, T-Bar, and steel framing we are more than confident in our ability to provide you with service that will exceed your expectations.

We have been building a strong portfolio of commercial projects in recent years. We have worked on projects such as medical buildings, large-scale wall construction, office spaces, retail construction projects, dispensaries, and industrial projects. We have also taken on both small-scale commercial renovations and major renovations.

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Commercial Contracting Services

The services we offer are required in nearly every commercial building. As specialists in steel framing, drywall, T-Bar, and insulation we believe we are a great fit for any of your commercial construction needs. We have years of experience in performing these services for business owners, commercial general contractors, and larger-scale construction companies. This is why we have become one of the most highly recommended commercial contractors in the GTA.

If you are a construction management company, general contractor, project management company, or those who are purchasing commercial properties we are here to help. We understand that it is hard to find reliable trades who will stay within your timelines and deliver high-quality customer service both pre and post-construction.

Our team of professionals is more than able to help you with your commercial project needs. Our project managers are happy to provide their professional input to help you save money and complete the project properly the first time. We have multiple engineers working with us who have plenty of experience reviewing drawings and providing input on how to reduce cost and maintain quality.

We understand that having reliable trades makes all the difference. We will complete the project within your schedule and deliver the highest quality work in the GTA. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have built a professional team that will meet the client's expectations every time.

Why Choose Us?

We would love to provide you with an estimate free of charge. We take our estimation process very seriously, and our in-house estimators are equipped with the best estimating software in the market. We are always up to date on the building codes and material prices. This makes sure that we can get you a price without any surprises once construction starts.

Our team is very experienced in commercial construction projects. We believe our skill-set is a perfect match for any commercial project as they all have a need for steel framing, drywall, T-bar, and insulation.

We are capable of providing a quote based on your drawings or one of our project managers can personally conduct a site walk-through. To get an estimate please visit our Contact Us page on our website to submit a quote request that will be directly sent to our team of estimators.


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