T-Bar and Acoustical Ceiling Contractor in Toronto and the GTA

T-Bar and Acoustical Ceiling Contractor in TorontoToronto Tapers is providing T-bar and acoustical ceiling services in Toronto and the GTA.

Continuously ranked as Toronto and the GTA’s top-rated ceiling contractors. We take great pride in all of our work. At Toronto Tapers, we provide excellent work ethic, knowledge, experience, and gifted talent. We always guarantee a proactive team of employees, who are readily devoted to delivering the absolute best quality craftsmanship on every project. With a keen eye to detail, skilled techniques, quality materials, strong professionalism and dedication to meet deadlines our service supersedes any other competitor. For your peace of mind, trust in Toronto Tapers for all your GTA ceiling services. A that offers the best-in-class service to fit your budget.

At Toronto Tapers we offer a variety of ceiling panels that range from size, visuals, and acoustic performance. Our ceiling services offer a spectrum of choices to meet your project’s needs from a noise block to sound absorption. our team works with you to advise you on the best possible alternative stress-free.


Before moving forward with any decision, when it comes to any service whether it be residential or commercial. it is best to know the facts and explore all your options. This way, you will feel confident behind the decision you make.


From acoustic performance, finish texture and pricing, we offer a wide range of ceiling panel options to optimize and deliver your project with a personal touch. Choose from either a textured, smooth or fissured finish.


Easy, reliable and fast. These complete grid solutions are our commitment to delivering contractors strong and stable systems. A priority for all commercial projects that helps save time and money.


With creative design options in combination with acoustical performance, let us help you explore the endless possibilities to transform your space. Choose from different materials including natural wood, colourful fiberglass, baffles and/or dynamic metal.

What is Acoustical Ceiling and Suspended Drop T-Bar Ceiling?

Acoustical ceilings and suspended ceiling systems are ideal for environments where sound control and dispersion is a priority. Professional settings, such as retail and commercial spaces, often use drop ceiling systems. The high traffic nature of these spaces requires specialized solutions so that the sonic environment does not get out of hand. Projects that seek to provide an ideal solution to hiding electrical and mechanical fixtures should opt for ceiling tiles and t-bar suspension systems. Explore design freedom and flexibility to personalize your home, work or business.

Benefits of Suspended Drop T-Bar Ceiling and Acoustical Tiles
Drop ceiling systems can be aesthetically pleasing due to a wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose from colour, decor types, wood, metal or plastic to achieve any desired look for your project. Drop ceilings are structurally functional and can be a smart investment for any individual or company looking to create a more vibrant, inviting sonic and visual space.

Ceiling acoustical tiles are a great option for those interested in sustainable ceiling solution. These tiles help reduce the risk of bacteria, mold, sagging, and mildew because of their resistance to the effects of moisture. Furthermore, many ceiling tiles are made of recycled materials, that provide a significant level of insulation. This decreases the energy output needed for heating or cooling making spaces more energy efficient. This is especially beneficial for industrial and business locations.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are also rated for sound control. This is quantified using a noise reduction coefficient (NRC), the higher the NRC the more sound an acoustic product can absorb. On a scale from 0 to 1.0, a 0 rating indicates there is no sound absorption while a rating of 1.0 means that 100% of the sound is absorbed by the acoustic material. With a substantial reduction in noise, this can be significantly beneficial for people living in homes or work in business environments for those looking to maintain a more peaceful and quiet overall space.

Acoustical ceiling tiles provide fireproofing, as they are made from either mineral fibers, plastic, tin, composite, or fire-rated wood panels. This can help get spaces meet specific fire regulations. Fire codes often include a “time-rating,” which means that a structure must be able to resist fire for a given amount of time.

For your next T-Bar or acoustical ceiling project, let Toronto Tapers help transform your vision into a reality with our experienced project teams to deliver all the benefits with our ceiling solutions. Trust Toronto and the GTA’s T-Bar and acoustical ceiling contractor because the quality of craftsmanship is seen in the details of all our projects.