Drywall Taping Services TorontoToronto Tapers provides professional drywall taping in Toronto and the GTA. A drywall installation isn’t complete without taping and finishing. Without tape, some parts of your drywall can easily crack and deteriorate. To prevent any harm from happening to your walls and drywall, you must hire the right contractors to tape and protect your property. 
As a fully licensed and insured company that has a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated craftsmen, we always bring optimal results. Every project we start ends favorably, and with going beyond our customers’ expectations. We work with the best materials and craftsmen, and not a single detail goes unnoticed by our trained experts. 

Learn more how Toronto Tapers can help you with drywall taping in Toronto and the GTA.


Drywall taping is an integral part of the building process: it ensures a smooth and clean surface to apply a finish paint coat. Also, it serves as an additional help for reinforcing joists. Without proper drywall taping in Toronto done by qualified drywall contractors, your project will look unprofessional and convey a lack of quality workmanship – no matter how much money you have spent. 

Toronto Tapers includes wall priming as part of every project. This allows us to effectively identify and correct minor touch-ups before painting. Our team of experts has a trained eye for detail, which is crucial for a successful drywall finish. We also communicate with our customers, and if needed will explain the process in detail. After we successfully complete the job, we clean the entire area, making sure that things are left as we initially found them. 

Toronto Tapers also can finish interior concrete, brick, and block walls. We do drywall taping in Toronto so that nothing is left behind or sticks. Apart from this, we can also provide our customers with drywall installation, removal, mudding, and sanding. From Level 0 to Level 5 of drywall taping, we are fully licensed and have the needed knowledge and skill to finish every type of project.


As one of the best companies who offer installation and drywall taping in Toronto who we put customer satisfaction above everything else, we don’t leave your property until we are absolutely sure that your drywall needs are fully satisfied. The large number of positive reviews and high ratings speaks volumes about our work ethics. We pride ourselves in being one of the best drywall companies in Toronto and the GTA. 

Apart from working closely with our customers, we also collaborate with architects and custom builders to provide the best drywall finish possible. We create beautiful drywall taping for walls, bulkheads, ceilings, stucco finishes, custom moldings, and custom reveals. 

So for all your premium services for installation and drywall taping in Toronto, we are your reliable drywall contractors, ready to deliver nothing less than perfection. 

Let Toronto Tapers take away the worry of quality and professional drywall finishing for you. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.