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Drywall Finishing Contractor in Toronto

Toronto Tapers provides professional grade drywall finishing services in Toronto and the GTA. We work closely with architects, homeowners, and custom builders to provide the best drywall finish possible. We create beautiful finishes for walls, bulkheads, ceilings, stucco finishes, custom moldings, and custom reveals.

Toronto Tapers includes wall priming as part of every project. This allows us to effectively identify and correct minor touch-ups before painting. Toronto Tapers also can finish interior concrete, brick and block walls. Drywall finishing is an integral part of the building process: it ensures a smooth and clean surface to apply a finish paint coat. Without a proper drywall finishing job, your project will look unprofessional and convey a lack of quality workmanship – no matter how much money you have spent. Let Toronto Tapers take away the worry of quality and professional drywall finishing for you today. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.