Radon Gas: It's In Your Home

Toronto Tapers offers radon resistant insulation and radon protection services in Toronto and the GTA. Radon is a gas that is naturally emitted from the earths core. Although it is naturally occurring, radon concentrations differ from city to city. In fact, your home can have high levels of naturally occurring radon, and your neighbour down the street can have virtually none.

Exposure to radon in homes usually occurs through the foundation floor. To understand the levels of radon you are exposed to, your house has to be tested for radon.

The test can potentially save lives and is relatively easy and simple to conduct. Exposure to high levels of radon increase your risk of lung cancer. After smoking, Radon is the most common cause of lung cancer and respiratory illness.

Having this in mind, we take radon protection very seriously, staying true to the responsibility of protecting your home from various health hazards. If you have questions about radon and how we use insulation to prevent it from entering your property, feel free to contact us and schedule your quote. Toronto Tapers is always here to answer questions and help improve your property, especially in important situations like this.


Radon is the most feared gas not only in Toronto, but across the entire globe. Caused by the breakdown of uranium in the soil, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It gets into the house through drains, cracks, and crevices in the foundation. It can also enter through weeping tiles, mortar joists, exposed soil or crawl space, and open tops of block walls. 

This radioactive gas escapes detection because it is both colorless and odorless. Radon doesn’t distinguish old homes from new ones and it can enter unannounced in any kind of property. The key to stopping it from entering is to properly insulate and protect your walls and floors.

Toronto Tapers’s qualified and experienced team of craftsmen, along with the technologically advanced insulation services we provide such as radon-resistant spray foam are a perfect match for starting theradon mitigation process in your home. 


Since radon cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted, professional testing is necessary. Radon testing serves an important role: to calculate the level of radon in your home. Health Canada recommends implementing radon protection services for levels above 200 Bq/m3.

There are also radon test kits available that you can use. This is a long term test and needs to be in your home for several months to get an accurate reading of the radon level.

Additionally, you should look for any signs of radon poisoning such as chest pain, coughing blood, hoarseness, frequent respiratory infections (bronchitis, pneumonia), shortness of breath, and persistent coughing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive chemical element that naturally occurs in the earth’s soil
There are some devices you can purchase that will track the levels of radon in your home over a 90 day period. The device must be sent to a lab for testing. Alternatively, you can call a professional tester to measure the radon levels in your home.
Radon is naturally occurring in the earth’s soil and is emitted from the ground.
The acceptable radon level in Canada is below 200 Bq/m3. Radioactivity or the strength of radioactive source is measured in unites of Bacquerel (Bq).
Since Radon occurs in the ground, the most common areas it is found in homes in foundation walls and floors. It can enter through any building cracks, joints, or gaps.
Radon levels constantly fluctuate because it naturally occurs in the ground. Since it is a gas, it is continuously seeking an area of lower pressure to escape. Depending on the source of the emission, it can travel is unpredictable patterns before it is released into your home.
In 2016, Health Canada estimated that approximately 7% of homes have high levels of radon.



The Ontario government has updated the building code so that radon protection is now legislated in all new builds. There are several precautions that you can take against radon poisoning. You can always schedule a consultation and get a free test from Toronto Tapers, after which, if necessary, we will insulate your basement with our radon resistant spray foam – the key forradon mitigation. 

It is an efficient technique used by many insulation contractors in Torontoand across the entire globe. With creating a strong and durable air barrier, spray foam acts as the first line of defense against radon and other harmful gases. Soundproofing and mold-resistance aren’t the only benefits of this technologically advanced insulator since spray foam may truly save your life and home from a toxic disaster.  

Learn more about how Toronto Tapers can protect you and your family from radon exposure and for your next radon mitigation project, choose Toronto Tapers.