In The Loop July Projects

In The Loop July Projects



At Toronto Tapers, we are always striving to provide the best possible service to our clients. This means that our work is constantly evolving, as we adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Here is a quick overview of what we worked on this month.

Guelph Project

The project has seen a massive turnaround in the last month, with most of the individual rooms on all 5 floors now completed. The main focus has been on the ground floor of the building, where steel framing has been installed to create amenity rooms. Next month, the drywall and taping process will begin, with the aim of finishing up the project. Despite the challenging circumstances, the project is progressing well. Thank you to all those who have been working tirelessly to make this happen.

North York Project

This project has been ongoing since our last blog, and we have made significant progress. The majority of the work has been focused on finishing the remaining corners and installing corner beads. With that work now completed, we have moved on to finishing the walls with taping to achieve a level 4 finish. In addition, we have also been working on adding drywall to the garage to improve comfort levels.

Scarborough Project

This month, we began another huge transformation project. The project entailed renovating an old daycare business from top to bottom. We started by framing partition walls that divided the daycare into several rooms. We also worked on acoustic ceilings in the 2 main big rooms along with the hallway in the back. The end result was a completely transformed space with a fresh, new look. Our clients were thrilled with the results and we are confident that this space will be a positive learning environment for many years to come.

You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. Keep an eye out here on our website or social media channels where we will be posting some exciting updates soon enough!