Residential Steel Framing Contractor in Toronto

Metal Stud Framing Contractors TorontoToronto Tapers provides quality metal stud contractors in Toronto with high levels of experience with framing services. Metal studs offer an advantage over traditional lumber: they are lightweight, strong, accurate, more durable, dimensionally stable, and cost-effective. Ideal for residential construction with a growing number of home builders using steel framing because of their superior quality and great value.

For lightweight steel stud framing, the studs are first fitted into an anchored horizontal track. They are then spaced out evenly and fastened securely. Lightweight steel studs are ideal for framing both interior and exterior walls. The typical profiles used in residential construction are the C-shape stud and the U-shaped track.

The metal studs themselves are made by cold forming sheets of galvanized steel. This process increases the hardness, yield, and tensile strength of the metal. There are a variety of different gauges available, depending on your framing needs. For load-bearing walls, 12 and 14 gauge studs are often used. For non-load bearing walls, there are lighter 25 gauge studs.

We specialize in all types of metal framing projects including heavy gauge structural framing, light gauge framing, drop ceilings, T-Bar ceilings and cathedral ceilings. Each project is laid out using our framing laser.

For your next residential steel framing project, choose Toronto Tapers, Toronto’s trusted metal stud framing contractors.

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