Residential Steel Framing Contractor in GTA

Metal Stud Framing Contractors TorontoToronto Tapers is providing steel framing GTA services.

Steel studs are becoming an increasingly popular option for framing basements, as they provide unparalleled structural integrity. Steel framing prevents the minute shifts that can occur in wooden framed structures, which can cause all manner of problems in buildings down the road.

Unlike traditional lumber, steel is completely non-flammable and non-combustible. Its lightweight nature brings down transportation and labour costs, saving you money.

A steel framed structure is pest and mold resistant: termites cannot burrow through metal, and wet steel does not promote mold growth as wet lumber does.

Steel framing also provides superior sound proofing, ensuring a comfortable and private sonic environment for your commercial or residential property.

For your next residential steel framing project,  choose Toronto Tapers, the GTA’s trusted metal stud framing contractors.