Blown In insulation services in TorontoToronto Tapers provides professional blown in insulation in Toronto and the GTA. Blown or blown-in insulation is a cost-effective solution and a great thermal insulator, optimal for attics and roof cavities. Along with spray foam, this material is gaining popularity on a daily basis. Always keeping paste with times, Toronto Tapers works with the most advanced materials and equipment, including modern blown in insulation. 

As acknowledged, certified, and experienced insulation contractors in Toronto, we at Toronto Tapers are equipped and trained to work with any type of insulation material. Besides the technologically advanced blown in, we also recommend using spray foam insulation in Toronto and other cities placed in difficult weather conditions, especially to those who are looking to increase their energy efficiency ratings.


The temperatures in the GTA very greatly depending on the season. And blown in insulation can help to create a comfortable indoor environment, no matter the weather outside. Blown in brings many benefits for Toronto’s inhabitants. From efficiency to soundproofing, it really is “a must” for many properties in Canada. It is also the perfect option for those who want high energy efficiency for a lower cost.

Generally made of either cellulose or fiberglass, it is both fire resistant and sound dampening. Cellular blown in is also highly moisture resistant which is particularly beneficial for households with poor ventilation. With protecting your walls from moisture, using blown in insulation in Toronto will reduce chances for mold growth to a minimum. 

Its biggest benefit though is that blown in insulation regulates the flow of heat throughout the structure so that it remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will prove of significant value when winter’s heating costs come along. With keeping ideal temperatures inside, you won’t have to turn on the heating/cooling system that often in harsh winters and steamy summers. 

Furthermore, Toronto Tapers’ eco-friendly customers love this product since 85% of it is made from recycled paper. Using blown in insulation in Toronto brings tons of benefits, but to get the most out of it, you must hire adequate professionals.


With many successful years of home insulation in Toronto behind us, Toronto Tapers is the perfect option for both residential and commercial properties. Besides being specialized for blown in, we are also acknowledged and recognized by our spray foam insulation contractors. Our expertise in many fields gives our customers the opportunity to choose between various products and insulation techniques. 

Our customers get the best possible treatment, with us always being by their side to guide them through the entire process. The work and thought we put into our projects has always resulted with satisfied customers and optimal results. 

As one of the GTA’s trusted insulation contractors, we have the equipment and expertise to quickly install blown in insulation in Toronto’s  commercial and residential spaces. If you want to maximize your gain from re-insulating your home, for your next blown in insulation in Toronto and the GTA, choose Toronto Tapers.