Basement Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation TorontoToronto Tapers is proud to provide quality basement insulation services to our customers in Toronto and the GTA region. And in tough climates like the one in Toronto, attic insulation and basement insulation are the key components of maintaining proper temperature balance.

Because it is placed below ground, the basement is extremely vulnerable to moisture and mold. In fact, most cases of severe mold growth start right in the heart of the basement. Luckily, preventing such scenarios isn’t hard at all. To avoid mold and moisture, you need to improve efficiency, moisture-resistance, and ventilation.

And to do so, you just need to hire the right insulation company for the job. At Toronto Tapers we have years of experience and tons of satisfied customers in our resume. We know firsthand how basement insulation is an integral part of the overall home insulation system. Whether with spray foam, blown in, or batts, we will properly insulate your basement in no time.


Spray Foam Insulation TorontoBefore you start learning about materials, it’s good to know the 2 basic options for basement insulation. Depending on the type and condition of the foundation of your commercial or residential structure, inside or outside insulation can be used.

Inside basement insulation can be installed at any time of year, regardless of weather. It is also cost-effective and provides a practical insulation solution for those not looking to engage in the extensive construction process involved in outside insulation.

Concrete foundations, found in almost all houses build since the 1920s, can be insulated from the inside or outside. Older rubble, brick, or stone foundations often need to be insulated from the outside, as they are not as moisture or heat resistant as concrete.

Outside basement insulation has its own set of benefits, as well as complications. As mentioned, it requires an excavation of the soil around the foundation. However, the outside wall is often more continuous than inside walls, which makes it easier to properly insulate.

Additionally, if it is an old build being insulated, the exterior wall can be repaired as it is insulated. As all the work takes place outside the structure, the interior goings on are not interrupted. It also prevents frost from penetrating the foundation.


Whichever type of basement insulation you choose, it is crucial that you work with qualified and experienced craftsmen. If not installed by the highest industry standards, your basement insulation can quickly turn into a nightmare. That is why you shouldn’t gamble with such large decisions, and always incline toward recognized and experienced professionals.

Toronto Tapers is a widely acknowledged company, ready to take on every kind of project. The large number of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our professional approach. We take basement insulation very seriously, knowing the importance of proper and detailed workmanship. 

Working with the most advanced technological equipment, we will instantly improve your basement insulation. Customer satisfaction is our priority so we will guide you thorough the entire process, making sure you always make the right decisions. 

For your next basement insulation project in Toronto and the GTA, choose Toronto Tapers.