Attic Insulation Contractor in Toronto

attic insulationToronto Tapers provides quality attic insulation in Toronto and the GTA. With our team of skilled, dedicated, and experienced craftsmen, we will improve your efficiency and comfort in no time. A properly insulated attic will greatly reduce your monthly utility costs, and should only be installed by experienced technicians.

Toronto’s harsh winters and steamy summers have surely caused some discomfort in your household. Attic insulation functions as a blanket and regulates the flow of heat throughout the structure, allowing your home to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The attic is the most important part of a home. Without a proper barrier between your indoors and difficult weather conditions, air leaks and high bills are only a couple of the possible consequences.

Attic insulation in Toronto brings an important concern amongst homeowners: which product to choose. At Toronto Tapers, we believe that everybody should be high-quality insulation. As one of the most acknowledged insulation companies, we at Toronto Tapers are prepared to answer all of your questions.

Technology is rapidly developing and as a renowned insulation company in the GTA, we offer various high-quality products and solutions for our customers. The most popular options today and blown-in and spray foam insulation in Toronto.


Spray Foam Insulation TorontoBlown-in insulation is a cost-effective alternative to spray foam and batts insulation. Though its R-value may not rank as highly as these other methods of insulation, like spray foam, it is still an effective residential and commercial insulation solution. The installation of blown in insulation is quick and hassle free: our expert blown in insulation contractors will be in and out within a matter of hours. 

The most efficient product on the market, spray foam insulation is optimal for attics. Like blown in insulation, it is quick and easy to install. If you invest in spray foam insulation now, you will start seeing results immediately. It is the most cutting-edge development in insulation technology. Quickly expanding, it can insulate anything, even hard-to-reach areas and irregular surfaces. 

Older methods like Mineral and batts insulations are an effective environmentally conscientious insulation option. The still rolled form of these insulations make transportation and installation and efficient and easy process. Choosing the right insulation material can be difficult, so for your next attic insulation in Toronto, choose Toronto Tapers.


Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable, technologically advanced, and practical solutions. We want to improve your energy efficiency, help you maintain your comfort during harsh weather, and keep you protected at all times. 

Working with us means having access to the best products and insulation services in Toronto and the GTA. Certified by CUFCA, our craftsmen are highly experienced, skilled, and dedicated to every job. We guarantee high quality, optimal results, support during and after the insulation, and thorough cleaning after finishing the project. 

Deciding materials and techniques can be hard for some, but at Toronto Tapers we have a qualified team of educated and knowledgeable experts, ready to explain in detail everything you want to know. For your next attic insulation in Toronto and the GTA, choose Toronto Tapers.