Insulation Contractor Richmond Hill

Spray Foam Insulation TorontoAs one of Ontario’s fastest growing towns, Richmond Hill has its own specific requirements when it comes to home insulation. We at Toronto Tapers feel that as specialized insulation contractors in Richmond Hill and the rest of the GTA region, we are equipped to provide all the insulation services that the quickly growing city of Richmond Hill demands.

Proper home insulation is crucial for living a comfortable and sustainable life. With modern materials like spray foam, protecting the home from difficult weather is easier than ever. Our team of trained, acknowledged, and experienced experts has installed such advanced materials to many properties in Richmond Hill, improving efficiency and comfort in both residential and commercial builds. 

The large number of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our services, making us stand out from our competitors and proudly be one of the best insulation contractors in Richmond Hill.


To our customers we offer a wide variety of products. Modern technology has brought to us tons of high-quality insulation materials with optimal efficiency ratings. Batts, blown in, and spray foam are the most popular options, each offering different benefits to customers.

But as experienced and knowledgeable insulation contractors in Richmond Hill, we are here to guide you through the process, from deciding on the material to carefully insulating every inch of your home. 

Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value, is the most durable, and in some cases even fire resistant. Unlike more traditional insulation, the spray foam application process is simple, and not so labor intensive. The urethane foam is sprayed using a specialized applicator, by a trained technician outfitted with the latest in safety equipment.

Spray foam insulation contractors know that their product is the way of the future: it is far more efficient to install and is superior to other traditional methods of insulation in terms of preventing heat transfer. However, many of our customers prefer the other options.

Whether you choose an eco-friendly option like mineral and batts or blown in insulation for improving soundproofing, we at Toronto Tapers always work with the best products, making sure that you get the most out of your new insulation. 


Apart from being respected and acknowledged by our customers, at Toronto Tapers, we are also licensed by CUFCA (Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association) as a certified SPF contractor. We like to think that we offer something more than other insulation companies: communication and professionalism are part of our core values.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and the base of our work ethics. The dedication and effort we put into each project proves that we stay true to our philosophy and values.  There are many insulation contractors in Richmond Hill, but there are limited number of those that will give their heart and soul out during an insulation project. 

At Toronto Tapers we care about the wellbeing of your home. If you are considering to hire insulation contractors in Richmond Hill, for your next commercial or residential insulation project why not choose Toronto Tapers?

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