Drywall Installation in Mississauga

Spray Foam Insulation TorontoVast experience and knowledge and plenty of satisfied customers makes Toronto Tapers one of the most professional and reliable drywall contractors in Mississauga and the GTA. With a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated craftsmen, we always provide our customers with a flawless drywall installation. 

Choosing the right drywall material can be complicated for some, but helping our customers is our specialty. Toronto Tapers is here to answer all your questions about drywall in Mississauga, give adequate solutions, and achieve favorable results. A perfect, durable and smooth finish is the least you should expect from our services.


Drywall is one of the most important innovations in the world of construction. It requires much less time to be installed than lathe and plaster. With older methods, your remodel will take weeks to complete, while with our new and technologically advanced drywall, our expert drywall contractors in Mississauga can finish the project in a matter of days.

There are a wide variety of drywall options available both for residential and commercial buildings. A common choice for drywall in Mississauga is regular whiteboard, which comes in varying thickness, from 1/4 to 3/4. However, you can use fire and moisture resistant drywall to improve your efficiency and comfort. 


Homes located in snowy and rainy climates frequently have issues with moisture and mold growth. For customers who want to increase moisture resistance, there is Greenboard – a moisture resistant drywall option, commonly used for washroom and basement insulation.

Backerboard or cement board is more water-resistant than greenboard and is mostly found in showers or sauna rooms, and as a base for ceramic tile. It is made of cement and reinforcing fibers, and can be also be installed vertically to back your vertical tiles.  


Fireproofing your residential or commercial property in Mississauga can easily be done with the help of drywall types such as Firecode C and TypeX. 

Gypsum Firecode C is similar in composition to Type X, except for more glass fibers and a form of vermiculite. Fireproofing with Firecode C means reducing shrinkage. When exposed to high heat, the gypsum core shrinks. But the additive vermiculite expands it at the same rate, so the gypsum core remains more stable and intact, protecting your home from a rapid fire spread.

Toronto Tapers also value eco consciousness, so for our environmentally conscious consumers , there is EcoRock, a drywall in Mississauga that uses a combination of 20 materials including recycled fly ash, slag, kiln dust, and fillers. No scratch cellulose is involved!


Toronto Tapers’ wide range of knowledge and experience makes every drywall installation in Mississauga finished to perfection. Our attention to detail results in precise and accurate work with every installation job. As professional drywall contractors in Mississauga, we guarantee our timelines without compromising the quality of product and installation. 

Some of our installation services include interior & exterior walls, shaft walls, soffits, ceilings, and other specialty installation jobs. We follow a customer-oriented philosophy, always putting your priorities and wishes first. 

As acknowledged drywall contractors in Mississauga, we will assist you in navigating the complex world of drywall installation, protecting your back, and always ensuring that you make the best decisions for your investment. For your next drywall in Mississauga, choose a qualified and experienced drywall installation company – Toronto Tapers.

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