Commercial Drywall Installation Contractor in Toronto

Drywall Services TorontoToronto Tapers works with the best commercial drywall contractors in Toronto and the GTA region. We specialize in all aspect of commercial drywall, including fire-rated assemblies, shaft wall construction, elevator shaft construction, and led-lined drywall for your medical needs. Toronto Tapers manages every job in the house and ensures strict building code compliance, manufacturer specifications, and quality control.

The large number of satisfied customers across Toronto and the GTA region show our professionalism, skill, and dedication. Drywall is the key component of every commercial property, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and contact us to schedule an informative and free consultation.


Though often taken for granted, drywall is perhaps one of the most revolutionary innovations in construction history. The older lathe and plaster method could take over a week to complete. Now, with our drywall technology, we can finish your space in a matter of days.

This flexible construction material is widely used across the entire globe. Its easy installation isn’t the only benefit it brings since it is also used to create arches, eaves, and many other architectural structures. It has a long lifespan and is amazingly easy to repair when damaged. But, working with us means hiring the best commercial drywall contractors in Toronto who will make sure that your drywall lasts a lifetime. 


Drywall is also used for fireproofing which is extremely useful in commercial properties. At Toronto Tapers we work with the best products that have the highest fire-resistance ratings. As an owner of a commercial property, you are probably also thinking of ways to reduce moisture levels. For this, we offer you Greenboard and cement board which are ideal for high moisture environments.

There is a wide selection of drywall to choose from, ranging from the typical whiteboard to the Type X and Firecode C for fireproofing options. For commercial elevator shafts, ventilation, and stairwells, Type X fireproof assemblies are essential. An assembly’s fire rating is based on how long it will serve as a barrier to prevent the spread of a fire.

To achieve optimal results, they must be installed by qualified and experienced contractors. The Ontario building code specifies that the vertical space for elevator hoistways must, at minimum, be rated for 45 minutes of fire resistance. Properly selected and installed drywall is integral to achieving this standard.

Commercial drywall contractors in Toronto should install fire-rated assemblies and other types of drywall according to Ontario’s building codes. At Toronto Tapers, we ensure that your drywall installation is always in agreement with Toronto’s highest standards.


Drywall serves as the backdrop for everything that goes on in your commercial space: a properly installed drywall section ensures a bright, clean looking environment. As expert drywall contractors in Toronto, we are ready to take on your project, improving your fire-resistance, stability, and comfort. 

Starting to solve problems early on is extremely beneficial for your property, so don’t shy away from contacting us. Apart from free-estimates, we offer quality controls, 1 year workmanship warranties, and a guarantee for a job well done. 

For your next project, choose the most qualified commercial drywall contractors in Toronto and schedule a free consultation with Toronto Tapers. Learn more about how we can help you with your next commercial project.