Drywall Repair Toronto

Toronto Tapers has a team of expert craftsmen who possess the necessary skill, experience, and knowledge of various types of drywall services. Drywall installation, taping, finishes, and repair are our specialties. It is what our customers know and respect us for. We have successfully completed many projects, always striving to go beyond perfection, knowing that limited human error is the key for an optimal drywall installation.

Our company is acknowledged and has grown to an extent that we operate in the GTA region and are proud to offer drywall repair for Toronto and GTA residences. If you are suspecting that your drywall isn’t performing as expected, don’t be afraid to schedule a free, nonobligatory quote and get our expert opinion.


Drywall is a very important innovation for contemporary construction. With years of constant usage, drywall has proven to be the superior option, compared to lathe and plaster. It is easy to install, can be finished in a matter of days, provides numerous benefits, and is a great way to strengthen your build.

It is the crucial part of every structure, whether residential or commercial. That is why doing regular drywall repair in Toronto is highly recommended when necessary.  As most drywalls have large roles in fireproofing, soundproofing, and moisture resistance, their condition is of utmost importance for your structure’s health.

Frequent inspections and repairs reduce chances for more complicated damage. They specifically must be conducted after a difficult situation like a flood or a fire. Moreover, drywall found in older homes is usually in a poorer condition, requiring repairs and upgrades. With a free quote, Toronto Tapers will instantly detect your troubles, offering a solution that is friendly both to your time and budget.


As one of the most renowned drywall contractors in Toronto and the GTA, Toronto Tapers offers a variety of solutions for you damaged drywall. Apart from working with high-quality materials and experienced and trained experts, we also take pride in our work ethic and process.

Hiring us means having the most dedicated workers from the field right into your home, giving you adequate advice and making sure things run smoothly and favorably. Mixing new drywall with an old one needs an eye keen to detail. When we repair drywall, we make sure everything looks natural and feels smooth.

We will minimize joists, avoid future damage, upgrade support at edges, patch or fill holes, and restore damaged and discolored parts, making your drywall look brand new, just as it was a couple of years before. Additionally, we will also give you advice on future situations, based on the circumstances and condition of your old drywall.


Doing drywall repair in Toronto is very common for us. There have been many older residences with damaged and outdated drywall. But these kinds of situations are nothing for an experienced team like Toronto Tapers. We pride ourselves in our skill and dedication, having successfully completed many drywall installation projects in the city of Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

For all your premium drywall repair in Toronto, we are your reliable contractors, ready to take on your worries, and make them disappear in a matter of days. Contact us to schedule a free quote and start your journey towards a new and perfect drywall today!