Drywall Installation in Toronto

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With a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated craftsmen, Toronto Tapers is one of the most reliable drywall companies in Toronto and the GTA. Being educated and experienced in our field, we can install your new drywall in no time. 

Perfectionism and dedication are the key parts of every drywall installation. Quality drywall installation requires carefully finishing the project right ‘till the end. A perfect, durable and smooth finish is the least you should expect from our services.

Navigating through the complex world of drywall installation in Toronto is our specialty.  Toronto Tapers is here to answer all your questions about drywall installation in Toronto and the GTA region. Schedule a free consultation today to get advice from one of the best installation companies in Toronto.


One of the most revolutionary innovations in the field of construction is drywall. Taking much less to be installed than lathe and plaster, this option is also more durable, efficient, and moisture resistant. These are the key benefits from drywall installation for the Toronto and GTA region. 

With older methods, your remodel will take weeks to complete, while with our new and technologically advanced drywall, we can finish the project in a matter of days.

There are a wide variety of drywall options available both for Toronto’s residential and commercial buildings. The most popular option for drywall installation in Toronto is regular whiteboard, which comes in varying thickness, from 1/4 to 3/4. However, drywall can also be used to improve moisture and fire resistance.


Fireproofing your home in Toronto requires installing high-quality fire-resistant drywall. For walls that require fireproofing, such as exterior walls within a distance of other residences, or interior walls separating apartment units, we offer Type X and Firecode C drywall.

For reducing moisture in your home, Greenboard and Backerboard are perfect options. Greenboard is commonly used in washrooms and other areas expected to experience elevated levels of humidity while backerboard is ideal for showers or sauna rooms, and as a base for ceramic tile. It is made of cement and reinforcing fibers, and can be installed vertically to provide vertical backing for vertical tiles. 

At Toronto Tapers we take environmental consciousness seriously, so for environmentally conscious consumers, there is EcoRock, a drywall that uses a combination of 20 materials including recycled fly ash, slag, kiln dust, and fillers, and no scratch cellulose.


Drywall comes in many forms, and we, as acknowledged drywall contractors in Toronto, offer a variety of products to our customers. Knowing which products and materials to choose can be difficult, but remember that Toronto Tapers are here to answer questions, give adequate solutions, and accomplish optimal results.

Drywall installation in Toronto becomes much easier when Toronto Tapers are involved. As Toronto’s expert drywall contractors, we are ready to take on your project, improving your fire-resistance, stability, and comfort. Apart from being certified by CUFCA, we offer free-estimates, quality controls and 1 year workmanship warranties. 

For your next project, choose the most qualified and experienced drywall installation contractors – Toronto Tapers.