Drywall Finishing Contractor in the GTA

At Toronto Tapers, we offer reliable drywall finishing services to the GTA. Finishing drywall is done over three stages, each requiring a new application of compound. Each coat gradually expands in width, eliminating the imperfections of the last to ensure seams are properly reinforced. The last coat is sanded or smoothed out to remove irregularities. We take each step very seriously, from taping, to mudding and sanding.
This is where the task of drywall finishing comes in: the seams are taped and mudded to create a continuous seal. Drywall “mud” is a specialized joint compound, which, when applied correctly, makes the divisions between adjacent sheets all but invisible.
After the mud has dried, it is sanded down to ensure an even and seamless finish. Toronto Tapers, a mudding and taping contractor experienced in providing outstanding service to the GTA, can get your walls prepared for painting. Contact us and get started on your residential or commercial drywall finishing project today.

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