Sadly, summer has ended and now it’s time to brace ourselves for harsh winter winds. Along with beautiful holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, in winter also come draftiness and heat loss. The key to avoiding high energy bills is to make sure that your house is properly insulated.

With expert advice and adequate materials, you can increase comfort in no time. Today, we share with you these 5 very useful winter insulation tips: 


Insulating the attic should certainly be a priority. Heat goes up and that’s why the largest temperature loss happens in the attic. If it’s already insulated, then definitely consider doing an upgrade. Popular spray foam and blown-in insulation are much better than fiberglass. 

They don’t need refreshing, are extremely durable, and, most importantly, are vapor resistant. Additionally, spray foam has high R-values, being ideal for heat retention. So contact spray foam insulation contractors that provide attic insulation removal in Toronto and the GTA, and warm up your attic before cold winter breezes come along.


Cracks and air leaks in the building envelope are the most common sources of temperature loss. Whether due to water damage or old concrete, these cracks evolve with time and let tons of heated air outside. This isn’t ideal for cold winter mornings as it reduces comfort while increasing energy spending.

Since we already mentioned spray foam, we must also discuss how it can reseal gaps. Foam insulation in Toronto homes has proven to be the most efficient option. Because it expands, this insulator will seal all the cracks and bumps on the inside, even in the hard-to-reach areas, saving you from tons of air leakage and high energy bills.  


Apart from insulation, you should also take a look at your windows. Old, damaged and improperly installed ones are the perfect opportunity for heat to get out of the house. Window replacement should be done if the damage is noticeable, but in other scenarios, you could solve the problem with weather stripping, caulking, and repair.

Also, when you are shopping for new windows, it’s crucial that you choose ones with high efficiency ratings. Don’t forget the walls though since efficient windows won’t be of any good if the insulation around them is of low-quality.


Besides damaged walls and windows, other common enemies of winter insulation are dirty HVAC’s and furnaces. Upgrading the furnace and making sure its filters are clean at all times encourages heat flow throughout the entire home.

In some cases, replacements are necessary since with overrunning, these appliances can get damaged pretty quickly. The air ducts are also a large factor, so start doing some annual cleanups in spring and autumn, right before difficult weather conditions start. 


Ok, so you have reinsulated the attic, cleaned the furnace and HVAC, and added new windows, but you still have trouble with insulation. Well, the last tip we are going to share is that proper insulation means applying spray foam or blown-in to every part of the home.

Basement insulation is the first thing you should do and afterwards try to also apply it under flooring, around ducts, and even behind power outlets. Such small changes will positively influence your home in the following winter days.

Remember to inspect every inch since heat loss can happen in the most unexpected placed like cracks in attic joists. To get the best results, contact acknowledged and certified spray foam insulation contractors in Toronto.